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What is DeFoCoin?

Defocoin is a Web3 connectivity project driven by data. The project provides DeFi and connectivity to individuals and businesses - with an initial focus on data and food.  It is free to connect by simply using the Defoicoin mobile app. Defocoin smart kiosks act as hotspots to provide free connectivity to help create intelligent buildings and homes across cities. 

What is DeFoCoin token?

DeFoCoin is a fungible BEP-20 token created on the Binance Smart Contract (BSC) to power the decentralized DeFoCoin network. The DeFoCoin network comprises FMCG smart kiosks and connectivity available to all users within the ecosystem and allows for acquisition of consumer goods and data connectivity at attractive value by all. Token utility is expected to continue to expand over time within the ecosystem as the network and its user verticals grow. For further details on the DeFoCoin ecosystem, kindly refer to the DeFoCoin whitepaper at:

Why DeFoCoin?
We believe we can make the world a better place with free connectivity to help reduce CO2 emissions and at the same time, serve consumers better. With ease of data connectivity (smart buildings) and access to food at value (smart kiosks), we will collectively create a more sustainable earth.

How is DeFoCoin changing the future of food and connectivity?

The DeFoCoin network plans to expand its network of food (FMCG) and connectivity touchpoints through participation from users in the form of  token holders, smart kiosks and/or connectivity owners. The objective is to allow users within the DeFoCoin network seamless access to consumer products at affordability and value to serve as a port of call for food and connectivity.

Why support Defocoin?
You will help finance DeFoCoin smart kiosks that functions as nodes to power hundreds of thousands of internet of things (IoT) devices that allow people to live a better life.


When and where can I buy DeFoCoin?

There is a planned pre-public token launch and a crowdsale for the DeFoCoin community in the near term. Further details of this launch will be forthcoming to all DeFoCoin mobile Application holders. Alternatively, please register your interest under “Sign Up For Exclusive Early Access” to be notified ahead of our DeFoCoin pre-public token launch. The link can be found at on the opening landing webpage.


How do I pay for DeFoCoin tokens?

Payment of DeFoCoin tokens will be through BNB (the cryptocurrency coin that powers the Binance ecosystem) and/or via fiat currency.


How do I stake DeFoCoins to earn rewards?

Each user’s e-wallet will be automatically credited with tokens at the end of each year based on the number of DeFoCoins a user stakes in the e-wallet.


How do I earn DeFoCoins?

Users can earn DeFoCoins by downloading the DeFoCoin mobile application and interacting with the advertisements and videos in the app (these may include completion of select tasks and allows users to expedite growth of their DeFoCoin token collection).


How do I spend DeFoCoins on the network?

DeFoCoins may be converted into DF credits that can be used to buy FMCG items within the DeFoCoin smart kiosk network, connectivity (LoRaWAN), and advertisements to run campaigns on the network. ad-buys/public video airtime on screen and kiosk network via the mobile app. In addition, Defocoin tokens can also be staked to earn rewards or traded on exchanges for fiat or other crypto currencies.

What will drive the value of DeFoCoin in the future?

As the DeFoCoin community and network expands with more users (mobile devices) and smart kiosks connected to the network, the demand for DeFoCoin is expected to increase, along with the number of transactions. A decentralized network allows the DeFoCoin network to scale with participation from its users underpinned by demand for FMCG and connectivity (being daily necessities).


Is the supply of DeFoCoins limited?

Yes, there is a DeFoCoin supply limit fixed at 50 billion tokens only.


Where can I view the smart contract?

The contract address will be published on the DeFoCoin "Tokenomics" page at once it is deployed onto the BSC (Binance Smart Contract).


What is the purpose of the funds being raised?

The funds will be used to build the DeFoCoin protocol and to enhance user accessibility by growing the number of DeFoCoin nodes in the network to provide food and connectivity to communities.


Where can I acquire DeFoCoin tokens after the crowdsale?

Upon completion of the crowdsale, DeFoCoin tokens may be acquired and/or sold on various centralised and decentralised exchanges.


Will there be a limit to the number of tokens each subscriber is allowed for the DeFoCoin public crowdsale?

To enable all interested DeFoCoin users access to the decentralised food and connectivity network, each DeFoCoin subscriber will be entitled to a maximum of up to 5,000,000 tokens. This maximum allocation amount will also be dependent on prevailing demand at time of public launch. In the event of substantial oversubscription, maximum threshold token amounts may be adjusted downwards for subscribers. To ensure maximum allocation, registration of interest through the DeFoCoin Early Access portal is recommended ahead of the public crowdsale.


Is there a holding period for subscribers of the DeFoCoin crowdsale?

The holding period for all public crowdsale subscribers is a period of no more than 6 months


Which crypto e-wallets are compatible with DeFoCoin?

DeFoCoin is compatible with a range of crypto e-wallets, including Metamask, Binance Chain Wallet, Ledger Nano X, Safepal and any BEP-20 and ERC-20 compatible wallets.


Will there be an airdrop for DeFoCoin and how do I qualify for it?

Users with the DeFoCoin mobile application will be eligible for select airdrops. Only selected users will be notified of the airdrop ahead of drop. Get ready to download the DeFoCoin App to maximise your chances of being selected for the drop!

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