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How to Join

How You Can Participate:

DeFoCoin Pioneers

Every person is automatically gifted [20] DeFoCoin tokens [via airdrop] by simply downloading the DeFoCoin mobile app. The app allows each user to register without inserting his or her name, which enables each user to preserve anonymity within the blockchain. The “Pioneering” phase of this initiative will be limited to defined batch enrolments, after which subsequent enrolment batches will continue to be gifted a smaller amount of DeFoCoin tokens on a decreasing basis. The idea is to reward early bird participants on the DeFoCoin protocol. 

The sequence of batch enrolments are highlighted as follows:

Batch Enrolments

Tokens awarded

1 – 10,000,000                             10
10,000,001 – 50,000,000          8
50,000,001 – 200,000,000      5
200,000,001 and onwards        2

DeFoCoin Mobile Application  – How it Works

The App will contain a spectrum of paid-to-watch digital media productions OR paid views (PV), created by any entity, from brands, companies to individuals, guided within a framework of parameters (including the length of each short clip production). Each PV offering will highlight information including the amount of coins paid for each view by users, of which each user is only allowed one view per unique PV to ensure a more balanced and effective ecosystem for all DeFoNet participants. After-all, the purpose of the platform is to mete out a win-win solution for both contributors and viewers. The blockchain will be used to verify the one-PV view-per-user protocol in addition to platform internal controls. The tokens awarded for each PV may differ based on each contributors’ budget. In addition, as budgets are allocated to each PV (by its contributors), once the targeted amount of views are achieved, the PV will be closed to any further views. In addition to rewards in the form of coins, some PVs will also distribute promotional discounts via the viewed PV to users so that users can directly enjoy products at value, bypassing the usual promotional agency channels. Products and services promoted on the channels may also be eligible for purchase via DeFoCoin tokens.

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