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Discover the power of
blockchain communities with DeFoCoin

We are proud to announce that DeFoCoin has been selected to be included in UN-Habitat flagship programme ‘People-Centered Smart Cities Compendium’ that showcases smart city initiatives, solutions and initiatives that make a positive impact to the quality of life of people in cities, communities and regions.



We’re Changing

the Way the World Thinks About

Food & Connectivity

Defocoin is a web3 connectivity project.  The project provides connectivity to individuals and businesses to create intelligent homes and buildings.

Decentralisation and community participation in the DeFoCoin will allow us to disrupt the market by providing cities with connectivity coverage for DeFi and affordable quality products.

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We are disrupting a US$4 trillion industry by providing phygital access to healthier consumables at compelling prices to our communities.

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Connectivity can level the playing field. The APAC Internet of Things (IoT) market to enable energy savings and smart cities is expected to reach a size of $424.2 billion by the end of 2025.

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We see the potential of DeFoCoin  to bring token holders and communities together in building a mutually beneficial ecosystem built on the blockchain.

Why it Matters

A Building Block for
the Ecosystem

The DeFoCoin token is the foundation for a variety of services that can be bought and sold in the ecosystem. Our tokens allow holders to:

1. Trade freely on cryptocurrency exchanges.

2. Convert into credits for purchasing produces at our kiosks.

3. Convert into credits for kiosk ownership.

4. Convert into credits to purchase IoT connectivity.

5. Receive rewards when distributed at the end of each year.

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